We are 789, an award-winning and versatile creative firm based in Southern California. Our team develops comprehensive brand, marketing, and outreach campaigns to help clients communicate the essence of their organization through proven strategies and unique and visually innovative ideas – from the name of a project to a full-scale promotional campaign … and every touch point in between. 789 excels at finding the optimal and budget conscious strategies and designing unique, engaging and often surprising in-person experiences. With each client we strive to create moments that move people on an emotional level, that function flawlessly and leverage the clients’ brand effectively.

We believe in the importance of standing out in a crowd. The reason: now more than ever before, people are faced with having too many choices. If a project, organization, or brand is going to have its best chance for success, people need to be given a reason why to pick “this” over “that”. Too often, businesses simply employ cookie-cutter solutions for their communication challenges, thinking what’s worked for others should work for them. But great consideration should be taken as it pertains to how you are perceived. The more generic a brand becomes, the more we disable our consumers’ ability to stand apart from the next guy. And being different just for the sake of it isn’t compelling either; it just creates more noise.

This is Where Strategy and Creativity Come to Fall in Love.

A Small But Mighty Team Specializing in the Private, Government and Non-Profit Industries.

789, Inc. has been providing creative concepts and marketing strategies for local, regional and international clients ranging from big-box retailers to public agencies since 2009.

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Proven track record with local business, mid-sized companies and big box retailers.

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We have worked with transportation agencies, health organizations and over 2 dozen municipalities.

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Nerds.

Charley Bell
Charley BellCreative Junkie | President
Charley brings over 16 years of marketing & design experience to 789, Inc. His background spans all aspects of advertising including brand development, marketing campaigns, community mobilization and education, and Interactive and Print Design. Charley’s versatility, coupled with strategically sound methods, have helped dozens of clients, large and small, launch successful brand identities and expansive campaigns across virtually all industries. He is 789’s resident chef of creative ideas… a true creative junkie.
Marketing 100%
Branding 100%
Design 95%
Richard Silva
Richard SilvaDesign Junkie | VP & Art Director
Richard brings over 13 years of design expertise including corporate identity and standard setting interactive work with a focus on technology and business to consumer communications. Richard also holds significant fine art experience including illustration, paint-to-canvass, and true rendering for big business. When Richard swings into action, his attention to detail and unrelenting skill is 789’s secret weapon… he is our design junkie, 789’s artistic samurai… without him, we’d be defenseless.
Design 100%
Illustration 100%
Development 95%
Annabel Adams
Annabel AdamsClient Groupie | Communications Director
Annabel brings over 12 years of communications expertise to 789, Inc. Her uncanny ability to build a message, tell a story and spread it around like wildfire has been crucial to 789’s successes. Her background is highlighted by the development and implementation of marketing and public relations campaigns for a variety of clients. Her professionalism is complimented by her ability to visualize her clients’ perspectives… hence, we have awarded her a much deserved title.
Public Relations 100%
Copywriting 95%
Outreach 95%
Jimmy Brown
Jimmy BrownProject Pilot | Marketing Specialist
Jimmy is a recent business grad who’s joined 789 as their resident Marketing Specialist. Jimmy brings a bag full of skills with him including research, digital marketing, event planning and copywriting. From recent travels, Jimmy brings a unique international perspective to projects while truly understanding local business. With a strong ability to coordinate projects, clients, schedules and deadlines, Jimmy is already helping 789 clients take flight… earning him the appropriate title of Project Pilot.
Research & Strategy 95%
Social Media Marketing 97%
Project Management 100%
Ben Exler
Ben ExlerVideo Raconteur | Video + Motion Graphics
Ben is a revolutionary when it comes to telling a story.  He is a mythical creature in our industry… part Animator, Designer, and Editor… he produces award-winning work leveraging video, motion graphics and story driven creative. With a wide variety of media projects spanning from nation-wide broadcast television commercials to web-based video/interactive marketing… He is our go-to raconteur… so have a lolly, sit on his lap, and get ready for the best darn story you’ll ever hear.
Video Editing 98%
Motion Graphics 100%
Videography 95%
Vivek Chawla
Vivek ChawlaDigital Test Pilot | New Technology
Viv brings over 18 years of experience in emerging media from concept to creation. He brings a strong track record in varied industries including entertainment, big business, and non-profit. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is skilled in print, audio, video and interactive medium design and development. He is our keyed-in source to all that is shiny and new. He is our scout, artillery, back-up and rocketman. He has been dubbed our digital test pilot for his unrelenting attitude in figuring everything out..
Technology Advancement 100%
Mobile Applications 95%
Web Development 95%
Brenda Hawley
Brenda HawleyArt Engineer | Designer & Developer
Brenda has extensive experience in multiple creative platforms, including illustration, graphic design and web development, but her true Nerd-y passion lies in blending all of these forms together. Although young in her career, she is an old soul… finding inspiration in 80s and 90s culture. Her ability to find the music between design and code is what sets her apart from most. She has the ability to navigate the intricate workings of interactive multimedia and development while never sacrificing her love of “ze arts”, granting her the title of Art Engineer.

Website Development 100%
Illustration 98%
Graphic Design 98%
Crystal Yi
Crystal YiGraphic Designer | Digital Scribbler
Crystal is our resident Digital Scribbler. Why? Because she loves to find and share the oddities in life, and often celebrates with a heaping bowl of ice cream while designing to 90’s R&B. Seriously. She has excellent attention to detail, both in people and design, and falls in love every day with each new layout and editorial design laid in front of her. She’s always in a great mood, willing to challenge ‘everyone’ in her own unique ways. Her honesty translates to paper so seamlessly that its hard to find fault anywhere. A great 789 addition!
Graphic Design 98%
Layout & Editorial Design 100%
Concept Design 94%
Vladimir De Jesus Santos
Vladimir De Jesus SantosVideo Freerunner | Cinematographer + Editor
Vladimir Santos is a cinematographer and video editor who is against all odds, a Los Angeles native. He has spent the last 5 years honing his skill-set on a wide spectrum of projects including, but not limited to, special events, commercials, documentaries, and an occasional art film or two. He prides himself on his sharp eye and observant mind, but always approaches projects with humility and a team player attitude. Vladimir is always ready to go whenever a new project presents itself, and he sees it through from start to finish, with effortless agility and quality…which is why we have dubbed him our resident Video Freerunner.
Video Editing 100%
Motion Graphics 94%
Videography 100%
Fernando Uribe
Fernando UribeEl Profesor | Spanish Media Expert
Fernando is a marketing professional and Spanish language communications specialist with 30+ years’ experience. Not only is he amazing at his craft in both English and Spanish, including copy writing, translation & localization, as well as creation and adaptation of print and digital marketing collateral, and web, radio and television… but he is also a stellar human being. With experience working with private and public companies, government agencies
and NGOs, Fernando has our respect as El Profesor, always passing on information on each project and campaign.
Commercial Photography 98%
Nature Photography 100%
Event Photography 95%
Mac Danzig
Mac DanzigSoul Taker | Photographer
Mac has traveled around the globe to capture nature and wildlife in its most private moments with a trip to Lake Clark National Park in Alaska resulting in three photography awards. When he’s not capturing life on camera, he’s teaching mixed martial arts and speaking on the benefits of a plant- based lifestyle. A former UFC professional fighter in the lightweight class, Mac has a 21 to 12 win-loss record … and has earned the most appropriate 789 title of resident Soul Taker.
Commercial Photography 98%
Nature Photography 100%
Event Photography 95%

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