789 Inc – Creative SyNERDgy… This is were strategy and Creativity come to Fall in Love


789 Inc – Creative SyNERDgy… This is where Strategy and Creativity come to Fall in Love 


With over 25 years of experience in branding and interactive design, our strategic process is the nerdy compass guiding your brand’s journey. Combining time-tested methodologies with cutting-edge digital product development, we propel our brand toward unprecedented success.

Strategy + Creativity = Experience

With almost two decades of nerdy brilliance, we’ve earned a stellar reputation, helping organizations of all sizes reach new heights. From nerdy startups to legendary enterprises like Microsoft, Sony, Westfield, and more, we’ve enchanted new markets with captivating creativity.



Welcome to the nerds at 789, Inc., where we empower brands through extraordinary brand experiences. Our mission is to forge authentic connections that leave lasting impressions, making your brand more relevant, relatable, reliable, and revolutionary.  

101 N Citrus Ave. Suite 3C 
Covina, CA 91723

O: +1 (626) 339-4789

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