Here’s a fundraising campaign we did for the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. This was a really fun project because we got to visit the museum, several times. We also got to go behind the scenes of the Land of Lost movie with Will Farrell. I spoke to him, gave him my band’s demo while he was championing those fashionable cargo shorts (emphasis on the short) on the sidelines of a life-sized volcano. He replied, “Excuse Me! I’m a BIG movie star with no time to listen to music… let alone your little band.” As I stood there in shock, he laughed and said with a giant smile…”‘give me that demo” and stuffed it in the pocket of his cargo shorts. So, the little band I’m in, The Antique Toys, was totally in the Land of the Lost… sort of. Too bad we didn’t get a movie credit. We hope you enjoy as much as we did… and still do!