Project Description

Project Brief

Athens Services has grown into one of the largest solid waste management companies in Southern California. Athens is a fourth generation family-owned company with regional focus including Los Angeles County. Athens has focused on being a landfill avoidance company since its inception in 1957 and has developed more mixed-waste processing capacity in the region than any other waste services company.  Athens owns and operates two (2) major Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Los Angeles County and is actively working on the final stages of a third one in Irwindale. These three MRF facilities combined will provide over 3 million tons per year of MRF processing to the region. American Organics,  a 700 TPD compost operation,  also owned by Arakelian Enterprises, Inc is one of the few compost facilities that can accept food waste and produces an OMRI listed compost for organic farmers, perfect for AB1826.

Original Logo

New Logo

Marketing +  Design Projects

Skills Needed

Athens Services has contracted 789 to tell its story and further its reach and grasp through strategic planning and implementation of marketing, branding, design, communication and outreach activities.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Concept + Strategic Planning

Worked closely with internal marketing and sales team and held key stakeholder interviews with Department heads. Competitive, customer and industry analysis performed. Analyzed data and develop acquisition, retention, and adoption strategies for an integrated marketing and branding campaign.

Branding + Design

Developed programs and projects to various departments including Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Safety, Customer Service, Government Affairs and Operations. Each project has company brand consistency, but unique messaging for each audience. Currently working on the company’s new corporate website and mobile applications.

Development, Production + Launch

Developed and produced tools, materials and communication mediums to help build greater awareness within the Southern California community, government industry and private business sector.

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We believe…

We believe in the importance of standing out in a crowd. The reason: now more than ever before, people are faced with having too many choices. If a project, organization, or brand is going to have its best chance for success, people need to be given a reason why to pick “this” over “that”. Too often, businesses simply employ cookie-cutter solutions for their communication challenges, thinking what’s worked for others should work for them.

…in all of our clients.

With each client we strive to create moments that move people on an emotional level, that function flawlessly and leverage the clients’ brand effectively.  But great consideration should be taken as it pertains to how you are perceived. The more generic a brand becomes, the more we disable our consumers’ ability to stand apart from the next guy. And being different just for the sake of it isn’t compelling either; it just creates more noise.