Project Description

N2A Motors is a California-based custom auto manufacturer with a mission of reviving the art of American coach building. Led by internationally acclaimed designer and engineer Gene “The Fireman” Langmesser, the company’s policy is building truly unique vehicles for each and every customer worldwide. The N2A Motors vision is to take everything that they love about their favorite classic, retro, and modern sports cars, and build them into new vehicles with state-of-the-art performance, safety, and reliability. N2A Motors and Langmesser contracted with 789 in 2009 as a start-up business. Since its inception, N2A has grown from a small garage into an award-winning global sensation by launching it’s flagship vehicles the “7-8-9“, “Anteros“, and their latest creation… “The Stinger.” Langmesser has also played an integral role in developing and building vehicle concepts for blockbuster movies, and new automotive vehicles that are breaking new ground such as “The Beast” by Rezvani and the “Nemesis” by Trion.