UCI: Visual Studies Department


The University of California: Irvine has teamed up with 789 on a few different projects. The department of Visual Studies has enlisted our help in enhancing their brand, and developing their point-of-contact marketing materials through print and digital ads.

Hawaiian Gardens: City on the Move

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City On The Move The 789 team developed several projects for the City of Hawaiian Gardens. The City On The Move campaign was an effort to showcase the City’s business opportunities to potential big-box-retailers, developers, and investors. The campaign consistent of several point-of-contact materials for mail distribution, in-person presentations, and convention showcases. Additionally, The Sunrise was a [...]

Bay Area Express Lanes

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789 worked with WSA to develop and design the Bay Area Express Lanes brand and graphic identity as well as the Bay Area Express Lanes Portal website. Through research and concept exploration, we were able to enhanced the brand name, value proposition, brand personality, and highlight the key benefits and attributes associated with the enterprise and [...]

Woodstock Holdings, Inc.


Woodstock Holdings is a financial service and investment institution that seeks out candidates for acquisition that will build value for shareholders, based in Woodstock, GA. Woodstock contracted with 789 to re-brand their company, re-skin their website and create and design new business cards.

West Covina: Elements of a Successful City

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Elements of a Successful City There’s no question that economic development is a key component of the sustainability and success of any city. To help the City of West Covina in attracting new business, developers, and big box retailers, we helped assisted their Staff in developing a campaign called “Elements of a Successful City”. The [...]