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Athens Services

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Project Brief Athens Services has grown into one of the largest solid waste management companies in Southern California. Athens is a fourth generation family-owned company with regional focus including Los Angeles County. Athens has focused on being a landfill avoidance company since its inception in 1957 and has developed more mixed-waste processing capacity [...]

GoCart: New Business Launch

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This was another great project we got to work on with lead agency, Westbound Communications. GoCart is a mighty, online-driven company providing fresh groceries delivered straight to your door. Simply order online at www.gocart.com and BOOM… groceries without ever having to leave work, home or wherever you are. You can schedule your delivery to line up perfectly with your [...]

City of Arcadia

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The City of Arcadia has enlisted 789 to provide marketing and creative services for community outreach and awareness. We have branded a campaign to highlight dining and entertainment businesses throughout the city through marketing materials such as messaging, a logo and informational brochure/map. Currently working on their economic development marketing campaign for 2016 ICSC conference [...]

Laguna Blends

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Canadian Hemp-Infused Products Company Today. Laguna Blends is an innovative, publicly-traded company focused on improving the health and happiness of the people around the world by simply providing functional hemp-infused products that provide balance. Visit Laguna Blends Web Design [...]

Delach Development Resources

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Delach Development Resources is a Los Angeles-based development company owned by former City of Covina Mayor, Peggy Delach, and her husband Francis. The Delachs are experienced in investment and development of office and industrial properties, and have contracted with 789 to brand their company. We have provided them with marketing materials, such as logo and [...]

N2A by Langmesser

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N2A Motors is a California-based custom auto manufacturer with a mission of reviving the art of American coach building. Led by internationally acclaimed designer and engineer Gene "The Fireman" Langmesser, the company’s policy is building truly unique vehicles for each and every customer worldwide. The N2A Motors vision is to take everything that they love [...]

CACM: Community Champions

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Your HOA Deserves a Champion! Home is where memories are made and families created. It’s probably one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. With a home comes a fair share of responsibilities. If you live in a homeowners association (HOA), there’s someone who can help. The California Association of Community Managers (CACM) believes your [...]

Bay Area Express Lanes

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789 worked with WSA to develop and design the Bay Area Express Lanes brand and graphic identity as well as the Bay Area Express Lanes Portal website. Through research and concept exploration, we were able to enhanced the brand name, value proposition, brand personality, and highlight the key benefits and attributes associated with the enterprise and [...]

Woodstock Holdings, Inc.


Woodstock Holdings is a financial service and investment institution that seeks out candidates for acquisition that will build value for shareholders, based in Woodstock, GA. Woodstock contracted with 789 to re-brand their company, re-skin their website and create and design new business cards.