Welcome The Gand Company to the City of Covina, CA! Gand provides amazing #Accounting, #Financial, and #HumanResource Services for Small to Mid-sized Businesses. It’s run by a fabulous human being… Marita Barber. Marita came to 789, Inc. – Creative Synerdgy: Marketing, Branding, Design to help her build her brand and start her business. The “Gand Company” name comes from her Grandfather’s oil and transmission business back in 1960. Marita has fond memories of her Grandfather, and was “inspired” to run her business in the same fashion… but instead of working on semi trucks she ensures your business’ engine is running smoothly. Her logo was designed with a retro feel of old oil product seals, and instead of EST (established), we incorporated INSP 1960, as a connection to how her Grandfather continues to inspire her.

Services Provided: Brand research, concept and development; logo creation; messaging; identity set; marketing materials; website

Please visit and LIKE their FB page, and check out their shiny new website to learn more about what Marita and The Gand Company has to offer:www.thegandcompany.com