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This is where Strategy and Creativity come to Fall in Love.

We are an award-winning and versatile full-service creative firm based in Southern California, specializing in branding, marketing and design. Our team develops comprehensive brand, marketing, and outreach campaigns to help clients communicate the essence of their companies and organizations.

Through proven strategies and unique and visually innovative ideas, we develop everything from the name of a project to a full-scale promotional campaign, and every touch point in between. 789 excels at finding optimal and budget-conscious strategies and designing unique, engaging and often surprising in-person experiences. With each client, we strive to create moments that move people on an emotional level, that function flawlessly and leverage the clients’ brand effectively.

We believe in the importance of standing out in a crowd. The reason: now more than ever before, people are faced with having too many choices. If a project, organization, or brand is going to have its best chance for success, people need to be given a reason why to pick “this” over “that”. Too often, businesses simply employ cookie-cutter solutions for their communication challenges, thinking what’s worked for others should work for them. But great consideration should be taken as it pertains to how you are perceived. The more generic a brand becomes, the more we disable our consumers’ ability to stand apart from the next guy. And being different just for the sake of it isn’t compelling either; it just creates more noise.

No matter the objective, we are committed to creating a customized plan based on strategy and results. It’s not a job we’re hired to do, it’s a partnership we look forward to creating.


Lucas Acosta

Videographer + Editor

Photon Wrangler

Lucas Brings over six years of professional filmmaking experience to 789. A storyteller at heart, he became fascinated with movies and making films at an early age. Lucas has completed a variety of film projects including documentaries, corporate videos, fitness videos, educational videos, and narrative films. With experience in a plethora of roles including cinematographer, director, editor, writer, storyboard artist, producer, motion graphics artist, and VFX artist, Lucas is well versed in the complete process of filmmaking. His other passions include hiking, traveling, and haunted houses.

Kimberly Skorheim

Account Manager

Client Choreographer

Kimberly has first-hand experience in strategic marketing, communications and project management. With a degree in journalism and a passion for film, dance and the arts, Kimberly is our Project Choreographer and one of our resident creative writers. From concept to paper to clients… Kimberly orchestrates it all with a calm, creative confidence exuding a positive project culture.

Charley Bell


Creative Junkie

Charley brings over 20 years of marketing & design experience to 789, Inc. His background spans all aspects of advertising including brand development, marketing campaigns, community mobilization and education, and interactive and print design. Charley’s versatility, coupled with strategically sound methods, have helped dozens of clients, large and small, launch successful brand identities and expansive campaigns across virtually all industries. He is 789’s resident chef of creative ideas… a true creative junkie.

Richard Silva

VP & Art Director

Design Junkie

Richard brings over 17 years of design expertise, including corporate identity and standard-setting interactive work, with a focus on technology and business-to-consumer communications. Richard also holds significant fine art experience including illustration, paint-to-canvass, and true rendering for big business. When Richard swings into action, his attention to detail and unrelenting skill is 789’s secret weapon… he is our design junkie and 789’s artistic samurai. Without him, we’d be defenseless.

Crystal Casunuran

Graphic Designer

Digital Scribbler

Crystal is our resident Digital Scribbler. Why? Because she loves to find and share the oddities in life, and often celebrates with a heaping bowl of ice cream while designing to 90s R&B. Seriously. She has excellent attention to detail, both in people and design, and falls in love every day with each new layout and editorial design laid in front of her. She’s always in a great mood, willing to challenge ‘everyone’ in her own unique ways. Her honesty translates to paper so seamlessly that it's hard to find fault anywhere. A great 789 addition!

Christian Prado

Digital Media Specialist

Web Wizard

Christian brings over five years of experience in web design and development to 789, and for that reason, he is our resident Web Wizard! He works closely with the team and clients alike to ensure all things web-related are running efficiently and correctly. Did we mention he is also wicked fast at resolving technical issues and finding long-term performance solutions? With additional passions for video gaming and photography, Chris has a heightened sense of functionality and eye for detail that our agency is lucky to have. In reality – both regular and virtual – he goes the extra mile to encourage, support and supply knowledge in multiple programming languages, application development, and basically just all that technical code that the rest of us don’t fully understand.

Shannon Sidney

Client Relations Manager

Client Recruiter

Shannon has spent his professional career building solid relationships across all different fields: from sports and entertainment, to real estate and finance. His extensive knowledge and expertise helps him to pick the perfect play for each client, making sure they achieve their ultimate goals. He is 789’s go-to coach - for project input, strategic solutions, and of course, fantasy football draft picks.

Patrick Castro

Social Media Specialist

Social Scientist

Patrick brings over 5 years of experience helping businesses and community organizations promote their brands on social media. Double majoring in marketing and international business, he sees social media as a way for businesses to communicate their vision with the world - a platform with limitless potential! His goal at 789 is to help clients use social media to facilitate lasting brand loyalty. When he isn't wearing his Social Scientist hat, you'll find Patrick putting mileage on his running shoes, making noises on his synthesizer, or playing with Instagram's close relative, film photography.


It all starts with doing our research. No matter the project size, we are proud of our nerdy nature to learn the most about your organization, industry, competition and more!


Let the design begin: We leverage our creative and technical writing, and innovative design, development and production skills to bring the plan to life.


Once the creative arsenal is ready, we deploy it via various communication channels, including PR, media relations, events, community outreach, and advertising.


Once we’ve had our fill with the facts + figures, we translate that into solid strategies geared toward reaching your
goals. We’ll never employ cookie-cutter solutions.


Once the brand, content, and design elements are complete, we start the development of tangible products. From broadcast and online media to print and mobile applications.

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