The FREE 789 Project 2014 has concluded… here’s a recap of how it went! Thanks to everyone who helped and believed in the project.



Mission Accomplished: FREE 789 Project 2014 A Success

In December of 2013 my wife and I were chatting about what I would have wanted to do IF we won the lottery. The conversation took us through several tangents… but ultimately my reply was that I would want to pull together my most creative friends, associates, colleagues, and open a creative studio: a studio that would be a resource… a creative think tank that would provide solutions via marketing, art, music, PR, audio/video, design, and more. Everything that 789 already offers… but for FREE.

So, my wife replied with, “why don’t you ‘personally’ offer your time for free… even just a little at a time.” I had never thought of doing that. Although 789 offer discounts for non-profits, does pro-bono work on occasion, and launched Scartissue Oddball Society… an effort that was started to raise funds for a precious little girl… I never thought of simply offering creative services to people personally for free.

So, the FREE 789 Project was born. Each month I wanted to provide a minimum of 8 hours of my time to a single non-profit, business, individual, organization, etc.  It started January 2014 and ended December 2014.  My goal was to help make a difference in peoples’ lives in some tangible way. Overall, the experience was rewarding, and I was able to help 12 people by the end of the year.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who believed in this project and trusted me in enouch to help them.

I was hoping to continue this in 2015, but having launched 789’s new creative studio in Downtown Covina AND, having our third child… I simply need to be realistic with my time.

I still consider myself blessed because I have one of the most amazing wives on the planet and three kick-ass kids. I feel pretty lucky and fortunate for the life that was provided to me, and I hope I was able to help in some way. I truly look forward to the day I can try to make a bigger difference in this world.

Month: January 2014

Client: Grace Miller Elementary School

Project: Branding / Grant Proposal

Summary: Developed a grant proposal for Grace Miller Elementary School’s campus library. The project included a rebranding, logo, marketing collateral, and a proposal template.

Month: February 2014

Client: Disturb the Piece (DTP)

Project: Branding / Business Plan

Summary: Developed a brand and plan for DTP to be known as the most trusted and valuable online resource for artists, including classified ads, licensing discussions, forums, events, partnerships/collaboration, and education.

Month: March 2014

Client: Mac Danzig

Project: Branding / Business Strategy

Summary: Developed a brand and business strategy for former UFC fighter Mac Danzig. After getting to know Mac, 789 knew he was perfect to be part of the team… and now serves as 789’s resident soul taker.

Month: April 2014

Client: Covina Valley Historical Society

Project: Branding / Marketing Plan

Summary: Developed a marketing plan focusing on brand positioning, business outreach, strategic partnerships, and donor appreciation and recognition programs.

Month: May 2014

Client: The Booty Run

Project: Branding / Grant Proposal

Summary: Developed a brand, logo and design elements for The Booty Run–a 5k run/walk to educate, create awareness, and fight colon cancer in Florida.

Month: June 2014

Client: Efrain Guerrero

Project: Fundraiser

Summary: Efrain Guerrero: a father of three, with a huge heart, and one of the most hard working individuals I know, had his home burglarized on Mother’s Day and lost everything. Fundraising efforts brought in almost $4,000.

Month: July 2014

Client: EquaLife

Project: Branding / Marketing Support

Summary: Developed marketing strategy and brand positioning for an all-natural supplement that supports daily system balance. Services included logo development, messaging, packaging, and marketing collateral.

Month: August 2014

Client: EZ Consulting

Project: Branding / Identity Materials

Summary: Developed branding, logo design, and identity materials for EZ Consulting a local leading information technology service provider in Southern California.

Month: September 2014

Client: REVEL Blends

Project: Branding / Marketing Plan

Summary: Developed brand, positioning, marketing plan and identity materials for a sister company of Alliance Growers based out of Canada.

Month: October 2014

Client: Whittier Chamber of Commercie

Project: Consumer Marketing Training

Summary: Developed and presented a consumer marketing training for local businesses in the City of Whittier. The presentation was called Storybook Marketing: Turning Once Upon A Time Customers Into Happily Ever After Ones.

Month: December 2014

Client: Wilson, Sparling & Associates

Project: Branding / Identity Materials

Summary: Developed branding and identity materials for a newly structured marketing, PR, and communicaitons firm once known as Frank, Wilson & Associates.