789, Inc. – Creative Synerdgy: Marketing, Branding, Design just finished up a rebranding project for somewhat of an oddity: an honest mechanic. Yeah, I know it sounds too good to be true, but we had the pleasure to really get to know Sergio and his team at: Space25. This team not only loves cars, but they love ‘your’ car. We have recommended them time and time again, always hearing of very satisfied end result. AND, they are affordable to boot.

Previously known as EC Elite Automotive, Sergio and his team came to 789, Inc. to help them stand out in their industry. Although they are an amazing local mechanic, they have several customers who travel from a far, and even ship their cars to Sergio to get their car done… right. The brand was developed to be innovative and on the forefront of the industry. This is because Sergio and his team are constantly working on the latest models of vehicles. The colors were chosen


Well, although we are showcasing our work here for them… you gotta give them a try. Although they are experts in imported vehicles with German-made systems… they make it a point to understand all makes and models. So, if you’re driving around a Ford Mustang, a BMW or a Pagani Huayra… you can rest assure that they can fix it. Plus, Sergio is truly a great guy who actually knows what he’s doing. Check’em out: