UPDATE: This was a pre-planned April Fools joke by 789, Inc. 789, Inc. is a small but mighty creative shop hell bent on changing lives through our creative super powers. We love April Fools, and thought we would launch something grand yet relevant. Since we are all VERY excited about Los Angeles getting a football franchise back… we thought this would be perfect. We started the rebranding joke 5 months prior, working through our branding process, as if we really had the L.A. Rams as a client. With the exception of actually sitting down with the client, we did extensive research, concept development and design to come up with a new visual identity that complimented the Rams’s iconic look while providing an updated refresh that brought the brand to a new level. We applied the proposed identity to a several mediums and even mocked-up a news article and L.A. Times front page snapshot. The announcement was met very positively with an overwhelming flood of LIKES, SHARES, and emails. The post received so much attention that Facebook actually took the posting down after a few celebrities (that will remain nameless) fell for the joke. We’ve kept the posting alive below, but changed the title by adding on “ON APRIL FOOLS!” just so we don’t get ourselves into any trouble. 

Us nerds here at 789, Inc. also secretly are hoping that someone at the Rams will see our work, fall in love with it… and then reach out to us to actually perform the work. If we could get this much attention with a made of branding session, imagine what we could do if we actually sat down with franchise. Until then, we’ll be here sharpening our creative tool set here in Downtown Covina!


LOS ANGELES – After two decades, billionaire developers, corporate titans, Hollywood power-brokers and four Los Angeles mayors laying the ground work to bring NFL football back to the City of Angels, the Los Angeles Rams are back and gearing up for a new season.

Fans have been clamoring for news, swag and any way to start showing their L.A. Rams pride. With the recently released plans for the construction of a new 80,000-seat stadium complex and “NFL Disney World,” expected to become the world’s most expensive sports arena, the L.A. Rams have released their new “L.A.” look.

According to creative firm 789, Inc. this is the first phase of a massive branding reinvention. “To transform a legacy brand without losing it’s iconic presence takes time and a lot of passion,” said creative director Charley Bell. 789 was hired by Rams owner Stan Kroenke and lead brand consulting firm Landor Associates to develop an updated Rams look and feel for their upcoming debut.

The new home for the L.A. Rams planned to officially open its gates in 2019 is when the completely revamped brand is finalize and debuted. “We will be doing a lot of research and moving through several concept phases for the next two years,” says 789 art director Richard Silva. 789 will be exploring new fonts, color variations and themes, but has stressed that the Rams icon and history will be maintained. “This is a huge responsibility and we don’t want to let L.A. down.”

789, Inc.

was chosen after an exclusive invitation to select creative firms to showcase their suggested brand strategy for the new L.A. franchise. They were chosen based on the research, analysis, design, creativity and ultimately their ability to tell a good April fools joke.

The revitalization of the L.A. Rams is primed and ready for its return to a city that prizes celebrity and is home to major media, advertising and marketing agencies. The Rams enter the city at an opportune time. The NBA’s Lakers, long one of the darlings of the NBA, have fallen on hard times—and Kobe Bryant, the city’s biggest sports star, will retire after this season.