The City of Arcadia is a one of our favorite municipal clients–one reason is because 789, Inc. president Charley Bell was born at Arcadia Methodist Hospital and spent a lot of his youth at his grandparents’ home.  Recently there was an upcoming vote to repeal or keep the User Utility Tax for the City. This was an important decision for the community to make, so the City wanted to ensure that factual and unbiased information was available to businesses and residents of the City to help them make an informed decision. Unfortunately, there was misleading information being circulated by outside groups in favor of the UUT repeal, so we helped put together a simple awareness campaign. The campaign focused on presenting facts and statistics illustrating how the UUT funds are used and what the potential impacts may be if the UUT was repealed eliminating those funds.

Fortunately for the Arcadia community, the majority of the public voted to keep the UUT as is. This was a positive outcome for a community that has earned the reputation to be one of the best places to raise a family. The highly acclaimed school district, proximity to transportation hubs, a variety of entertainment and dining, and the outstanding City services are just a few reasons why Arcadia is one of the best places to live, work and play in the San Gabriel Valley.