Ballistic Off Road Wheels


From Off-Road to Online

Highlighting the Ballistic Off Road Wheel Brand
through Creative Social Media Content.

Ballistic Off Road is a wheel brand from Prestige Autotech Corporation, a company that has been developing and delivering superior quality wheels for more than two decades. The company offers a wide variety of finishes, sizes, and fitments available in unique designs that support the ever-changing market demands. 789 has partnered with Prestige Autotech to develop social media content for the Ballistic Off Road brand by creating a consistent look and feel, and celebrating the brand by highlighting different wheel and rim styles every week. In addition to social media, we designed and created Prestige Autotech’s 2022 Catalog, featuring multiple brands including Ballistic Off Road, Panther Off Road, Cratus, Sothis, Akuza Road Concepts, Menzari, and Incubus Alloys.

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