Gano Excel


Gano Excel

Gano Excel is a globally recognized organization with the purest form of Ganoderma-enriched products. Currently, Gano Excel is available in almost 70 countries. Gano Excel successfully surpassed major obstacles that sparked from the sudden departure of staff, leadership, and Affiliates in 2012-2013. Several issues were addressed through the immediate restructuring of the executive team, and hiring of new staff, as well as quickly implementing programs and strategies including the launch of local distribution centers, and key planned events.



To regain Gano Excel North America’s position as not only the premier resource for Ganoderma lucidum, but also as one of the leading network marketing companies in North and South America.



Strategic Planning:

789 developed and implemented an integrated marketing campaign to reach immediate and long-term goals.

Brand Management:

789 successfully repositioned the multi-million dollar, global company increasing brand adoption and its monthly retail sales.

Experience Marketing:

789 focused on redeveloping the overall Gano Excel experience from consumer to the business owner, and every touchpoint in between.

Tools + Training:

789 redesigned and developed several marketing tools, training, and programs, in English and Spanish, to increase member acquisition and retention.



By developing a strategic marketing plan that refocused its business on simplicity, customer intimacy, and inspirational experience while bridging the traditional Gano Excel business with new, innovative solutions, Gano Excel has regained momentum in monthly retail sales, increased Affiliate acquisition and strengthened retention rates.