Reasons to Believe

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Branding and Designing Books and
Publications for Reasons to Believe.

We have worked with a great organization called Reasons to Believe (RtB), a non-profit that bridges faith and science, since 2012. We have assisted them in branding and positioning multiple publications, including the branding and launch of their publishing arm, RtB Press. We have designed over 15 scholarly book covers for print and digital release, with many of them reaching top accolades with media outlets. 789 has been designing and developing about 2 book covers per year with the RtB team and their respective authors. Although the RtB team knows our work product, we never sacrifice the creative process. We always go through research, concept development, presentation, design, and development phases for each book so that they always evolve into great pieces at the end of the day. With each concept we explore, a unique design style is applied to reinforce the book’s message and content. From flat-pattern, abstract, photo composites, type-driven, and more, RtB has put a lot of trust in our team, and we are truly thankful and always excited for the next opportunity to give them more ‘reasons to believe’ in us nerds.

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