The Place Within

Putting Mental Health First.

Branding The Place Within to help them
better serve their clients.

The Place Within has been serving the counseling and mental health needs of Southern California for more than 25 years. Founded in 1988 by licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, they serve their community in significant ways. 789 was happy to assist when they were developing their brand. When creating the brand for The Place Within, we wanted to use colors and imagery that was inviting, but also representative of calmness and peace. The lotus flower used in the logo is a sacred symbol for purity, rebirth, and strength, which are all values that the company hopes to instill in their clients. We also helped them develop their outreach materials in both print and digital. These materials were created to reach both clients and other therapists, as The Place Within is also a therapist training organization, offering a varied group of talented counselors a rich program of traditional and complementary theories, concepts, values, practices, and techniques.

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