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UCI: Humanities Center

Humans Helping Humans Elevating and maintaining
brand standards across the UCI School of Humanities.

The UCI School of Humanities is where future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers, and entrepreneurs come to get their start. Over the past several years, 789 has worked with the faculty and staff of UCI HUM to help elevate its brand, reach donors, and connect with students. In addition, we created a new, cohesive brand platform for their on-campus Humanities Center. We had to maintain the UCI brand rules and standards while creating a flexible yet prominent look and feel. We incorporated bright colors and structural elements to create consistency while developing navigational elements, encapsulations, focal points, and highlights. The branding was applied across the school via digital, print, and experiential points of contact. 789 continues to provide UCI Humanities support for multiple digital and web graphics, social media, and video. These include, but are not limited to, website and mobile banners, digital signage, and many animated GIFs used for website and email outreach. We have also developed and designed UCI Humanities outreach materials and signage for print, including the design, layout, and delivery of print-ready artwork for multiple annual publications like the Graduate Program Brochure, Undergraduate Brochure, Case Statement, Impact Statement, the Annual Report, and many other materials that could be socialized and celebrated.

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